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Alan M. Blose, Esq.

Alan M. Blose, Esq. is the owner and founder of The Storm Claim Law Firm. Prior to the founding of The Storm Claim Law Firm, Alan worked for two prominent insurance defense law firms, litigating cases involving property insurance and personal injury claims. During his time representing insurance companies, Alan gained an invaluable experience in all aspects of the insurance claim process. This experience included the pre-suit investigation of a claim’s validity as well as litigating claims all the way through jury trial. However, after years of working for insurance companies, Alan decided his knowledge and expertise is better served helping property owners navigate the often confusing process of making a property insurance claim. So that is why Alan founded The Storm Claim Law Firm, a law firm devoted to representing property owners in disputes with property insurance claims.


Prior to being admitted to the Florida Bar, Alan was a teacher for Miami-Dade County Public Schools, teaching elementary and middle school in the neighborhoods of Liberty City and Miami Lakes. Alan is a graduate of the University of Florida, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and of Nova Southeastern University, earning a law degree magna cum laude.

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